Carvings are pieces of wood or stone that have been shaped into a specific shape. They are often created to be used as decorations or as objects of art.

  • He made a few carvings of animals to sell at the market.

  • The carvings in the museum are very beautiful.

Definition of carvings


creating figures or designs in three dimensions




removing parts from hard material to create a desired pattern or shape




a sculpture created by removing material (as wood or ivory or stone) in order to create a desired shape

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Example Sentences for carvings

  • 1

    The origin of the stone's runic carvings is disputed.

  • 2

    A carved stone fireplace and mantel is recessed into the wall to the right.

  • 3

    The carved stone lintel above the door of Oakworth Hall.

  • 4

    Petroglyphs are images carved, pecked or incised into stone, and a group of petroglyphs on the same stone is a panel.

  • 5

    His job is to carve in their names.

  • 6

    He carved in the message of the Gospel.

  • 7

    The carving of the temple is related to the story.

  • 8

    The carvings represent the contents of the museum.

  • 9

    The colonnade and the ceiling are tastefully carved.

  • 10

    The literary mind and the carving of dragons.