A carcinogenic substance is one that can cause cancer. There are a lot of carcinogenic substances out there, and we don't know which of them are actually harmful.

  • The carcinogenic substances in the air are causing cancer in people.

  • The carcinogenic substances in the food are causing cancer in people.

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    This prevents the formation of dioxin, a highly carcinogenic pollutant.

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    However, the plant is believed to contain carcinogenic chemicals.

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    The substance is a suspected carcinogen.

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    Are the carcinogens in marijuana soluble in water

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    Carcinogen Crush is one of the songs.

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    Does the smoke create carcinogens

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    The carcinogen classification was subsequently withdrawn.

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    Carcinogens are substances that increase the chance of cancer.

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    It is listed as a Group 3 carcinogen by the Iarc.

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    It was wrongly listed as carcinogenic in the Villejuif leaflet.