To capsize is to sink or to fall over because of a sudden wave or gust of wind. When a boat capsizes, it can quickly become flooded and unusable.

  • The boat capsized due to the strong waves.

  • The boat capsized because the wind was blowing very hard.

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Example Sentences for capsize

  • 1

    The people capsized the boat.

  • 2

    Speculation was rife as to the cause of the capsize.

  • 3

    The boat owner capsized the tug.

  • 4

    The men saw the boat capsize.

  • 5

    The ship capsizes in a matter of seconds.

  • 6

    They did not want to capsize the boat.

  • 7

    Capsizing results in a flush the vast majority of the time.

  • 8

    He should not have done that to capsize the boats.

  • 9

    The kayaker can exit the capsized kayak underwater.

  • 10

    The severity of a capsize depends on the size and design of a vessel.