A canvasser is someone who goes door to door to collect information about a political campaign. They are usually volunteers who are trying to get people to vote.

  • The canvasser was trying to get people to sign up for the candidate's mailing list.

  • The canvasser was trying to get people to vote for the candidate in the upcoming election.

Definition of canvasser


someone who examines votes at an election




a petitioner who solicits contributions or trade or votes




someone who conducts surveys of public opinion


headcounter, poll taker, pollster


a person who takes or counts votes

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Example Sentences for canvasser

  • 1

    Canvassing requires the solicitation of an opinion.

  • 2

    In the centre of the staff is a diagram of the canvass.

  • 3

    Some of the young men are canvassing in the hereby towns.

  • 4

    He worked on canvasses that glowered with a morbid light.

  • 5

    There's canvassing and then there's canvassing.

  • 6

    If that was canvassing, then it was not disruptive canvassing.

  • 7

    I see no canvassing, only canvassing paranoia.

  • 8

    IF someone is canvassing, then address the person doing the canvassing.

  • 9

    The clerks decided to allow SBHB's canvassing, but canvassing it was.

  • 10

    And no, there was no canvassing done.