A cannibalistic person is someone who eats other people. This can be done for any reason, from hunger to revenge.

  • The tribe was cannibalistic because they were starving.

  • The tribe was cannibalistic because they wanted to punish the other tribe.

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Example Sentences for cannibalistic

  • 1

    The Eucharist is ritual cannibalism.

  • 2

    Goya depicts this act of cannibalism with startling savagery.

  • 3

    The charges against the women included child murder and cannibalism.

  • 4

    In desperation, the others resorted to cannibalism.

  • 5

    The settlers turned to cannibalism to survive.

  • 6

    They're a bunch of savage cannibals.

  • 7

    Cannibalism became the rule instead of the exception.

  • 8

    She frequently discusses the idea of cannibalism.

  • 9

    Cannibalism wasn't against the law in Colorado at the time.

  • 10

    It is revealed to the reader that the people have resorted to cannibalism.