A calorific is something that provides a lot of energy. This can be anything from food to exercise to cigarettes.

  • The calorific energy drink is very popular among college students.

  • The calorific effect of the hot sun on the skin is very dangerous.

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Example Sentences for calorific

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    The power plant produced energy and calorific power.

  • 2

    The calorific value entries are totally wrong.

  • 3

    The calorific value is a characteristic for each substance.

  • 4

    It has a higher calorific value and burns with a luminous flame.

  • 5

    Cleaned biogas has the same calorific value as natural gas.

  • 6

    The dish was very calorific.

  • 7

    The calorific value ranges from 450 to 500 B.T.U. per cubic foot.

  • 8

    Calorific values of gases from NE F commonly range between 1,050 1,300 BTU.

  • 9

    This is not too surprising given the low calorific content of their diets.

  • 10

    The calorific content of drinks like vodka and rye come from acetate.