To calmly do something is to behave in a calm and sensible way. When you are calmly handling a difficult situation, you are not acting out of anger or frustration.

  • The patient was calm and kept her composure during the surgery.

  • She was calm and collected while giving her testimony.

Definition of calmly


in a sedate manner




with self-possession (especially in times of stress)

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Example Sentences for calmly

  • 1

    The pugilist began the fight calmly.

  • 2

    He calmly confessed to perpetrating the attack.

  • 3

    We should calmly postpone for a month.

  • 4

    All that is needed is to calmly and methodically add to the encyclopedia.

  • 5

    Joe calmly takes the battery out of the detonator.

  • 6

    Settle any disputes calmly and courteously, please.

  • 7

    Kelsey calmly reports the incident at the nearest police station.

  • 8

    He spoke out calmly and passionately for the Adirondack Park.

  • 9

    A blase Paolo calmly leaves with the girl from Gucci.

  • 10

    The right thing to do is to calmly and civilly discuss the matter.