A buzzword is a word or phrase that is popular among a particular group of people, but that you might not be familiar with. Sometimes a word or phrase is called a buzzword because it is used a lot in speeches or in the media.

  • The buzzword for the month was "collaborative consumption."

  • The buzzword for the week was "digital detox."

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    Simplicity and clarity are the buzzwords.

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    This article had some buzzwords.

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    I added the buzzword template to the article.

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    The buzzwords and hype remain, and not only in the lead.

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    The name is a reference to the Web 2.0 buzzword.

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    The problem is the use of OTP as an advertising buzzword.

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    I just added the Buzzword tag to the article.

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    The buzzword tag on the examples section is just ridiculous.

  • 9

    The article isn't really talking about the buzzword itself.

  • 10

    Then I found the site Buzzword bingo and added the refs there as well.