Buttoned means that the buttons on your shirt are all closed. This is usually a sign that you are dressed formally.

  • He was dressed in a formal suit, and his buttons were all buttoned up.

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Example Sentences for buttoned

  • 1

    The user focusses the camera and then presses the shutter button.

  • 2

    Someone pressed the button.

  • 3

    Where's the picture of the button

  • 4

    Is the button in the middle of the controller not a trackball

  • 5

    The bureaucrat just pushes the button.

  • 6

    The button layout is virtually the same.

  • 7

    The buttons are located to the right of the screen.

  • 8

    The buttons are of the same color as the piping.

  • 9

    The man pressed on the compression button.

  • 10

    The purge button purges the page.