When something is bumpy, it's difficult to move or to stay upright. The road was bumpy, and it was hard to keep my balance.

  • The ride was very bumpy, and it made me sick.

  • The child was very bumpy, and she was getting sick all the time.

Definition of bumpy


causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements


jolting, jolty, jumpy, rocky, rough


covered with or full of bumps

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Example Sentences for bumpy

  • 1

    When the papyrus was dry, it was bumpy and rough.

  • 2

    The outside of a Lychee is a bit rough and very bumpy.

  • 3

    The ride is also considerably bumpy and pretty rough.

  • 4

    Apologies for the bumpy welcome.

  • 5

    The road is bumpy and crude.

  • 6

    There is no doubt that the road gets bumpy.

  • 7

    Why is it so stony and bumpy

  • 8

    It is known as the cudgerie or bumpy ash in Australia.

  • 9

    It is a thickly encrusting sponge with a glistening bumpy surface.

  • 10

    The roads were both narrow and bumpy, and the staggering.