When something is buckled, it is bent or warped. The door was buckled from the force of the explosion.

  • The frame of the door was buckled from the impact of the explosion.

Definition of buckled


To distort or collapse under physical pressure; especially, of a slender structure in compression.


To make bend; to cause to become distorted.


To give in; to react suddenly or adversely to stress or pressure (of a person).


To yield; to give way; to cease opposing.


To enter upon some labour or contest; to join in close fight; to contend.


To buckle down; to apply oneself.


To fasten using a buckle.


To unite in marriage.

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Example Sentences for buckled

  • 1

    Colwell kept the buckle from the belt.

  • 2

    The buckle of the belt activates the anti gravity servos stored around the belt.

  • 3

    The belt adjusting means form part of the buckle.

  • 4

    The belt includes the usual flexible strip and buckle.

  • 5

    Tymwyvenne is a city in the darkest part of the bogs of the Belt and Buckle.

  • 6

    The Party was the belt which held the country together and Tito was the buckle.

  • 7

    The person taking the shot positions him or herself around the belt buckle.

  • 8

    The result was extensive buckling of the framework.

  • 9

    Buckle is the Regiment Badge of the 20th Foot.

  • 10

    They are fastened to the moccasin by leather thongs, sometimes by buckles.