When someone offers you a bribe, they are trying to bribe you into doing something that you shouldn't do. They are offering you money or something else of value in order to make you change your mind.

  • The politician was offering bribes to the voters to get them to vote for him.

  • The company is offering bribes to the employees to get them to stay.

Definition of bribes


payment made to a person in a position of trust to corrupt his judgment




make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence


buy, corrupt, grease one's palms

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Example Sentences for bribes

  • 1

    The field bought with the bribe money of Judas.

  • 2

    The bribes were in the form of stock.

  • 3

    Bribes enthrall fierce captains of ships.

  • 4

    Kabir then tries to bribe the judge of the competition.

  • 5

    The article references no documents to prove the bribe.

  • 6

    The bribe was surrendered and the game continued unhampered.

  • 7

    The commissioner confronts Kane with the bribe evidence.

  • 8

    At the end of the story the sculpter is bribed not to harm the tree.

  • 9

    But Gould bribed the legislature to legalize the new stock.

  • 10

    Satisfied with the confession, Ellen leaves with the bribe for the judge.