To brandish something is to wave it around in a threatening way. If you brandish a knife, you are trying to intimidate someone.

  • He brandished the knife and threatened to kill me.

  • The protesters were brandishing signs and flags in a threatening way.

Definition of brandished


To move or swing a weapon back and forth, particularly if demonstrating anger, threat or skill.


To bear something with ostentatious show.

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Example Sentences for brandished

  • 1

    The man brandished the sword.

  • 2

    Grigoriy brandishes a dagger, and leaps out of the window.

  • 3

    The sticks were being brandished like swords.

  • 4

    He brandished the stick.

  • 5

    The article was brandished an attack.

  • 6

    The scientists brandished the papers.

  • 7

    They were not suppoesed to brandish the object.

  • 8

    It is unfair to let hime brandish the kite.

  • 9

    I see the girl brandish the scarf.

  • 10

    She threatened me to brandish what I got.