Brainpower is a term that is often used to describe the ability to think quickly and solve problems. It is often used to describe the ability to think creatively.

  • His brainpower is what got him through the test.

  • The company is using her brainpower to come up with new ideas.

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    Einstein's brainpower was not limitless.

  • 2

    Specifically, you seem to be the brainpower for spacemanspiff's eyes.

  • 3

    The argument is stupid and wasteful of both bandwidth and brainpower.

  • 4

    The brainpower and the perspective of a mayfly with a ten foot pole.

  • 5

    I'd do it myself but I'm short on time and brainpower.

  • 6

    Honestly, apply brainpower when you're looking for something.

  • 7

    Clearly my brainpower has been destroyed by illness.

  • 8

    The test of brainpower comes by looking at the actual figure not the animation.

  • 9

    I hope you all continue to capitalize on your ownership by Microsoft to get some of Microsoft's brainpower on your pages.