When someone makes a mistake, they are said to have blundered. A blunder is a mistake that is very noticeable and embarrassing.

  • She made a blunder by forgetting the name of the person she was meeting.

  • He made a blunder by forgetting his phone at the airport.

Definition of blundered


To make a clumsy or stupid mistake.


To move blindly or clumsily.


To cause to make a mistake.


To do or treat in a blundering manner; to confuse.

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Example Sentences for blundered

  • 1

    The blunder is accountable to the City Council.

  • 2

    He forgives most blunders of children.

  • 3

    Leo is the lively and blundering twin brother of Luna.

  • 4

    Sorry about the celery blunder, and thanks for the correction.

  • 5

    The executive director of the village council is Yisrael Blunder.

  • 6

    The mass nomination of all of these categories was a major blunder.

  • 7

    It appears the paliament blundered in passing the wrong kind of law.

  • 8

    Specifically, the blunder lay in section 270 of the Electoral Act.

  • 9

    A blunder on the part of the Senate can not change or alter the Constitution.

  • 10

    The Nawab made the blunder in giving the order to stop the war.