When a person is blubbering, they are crying and sweating heavily. They are usually crying because they are very upset, or because they are cold.

  • The blubbering woman was upset because her dog had been stolen.

  • The blubbering man was cold and wet, and he was crying because he was so upset.

Definition of blubber


utter while crying


blubber out


cry or whine with snuffling


blub, snuffle, sniffle, snivel


excess bodily weight


avoirdupois, fat, fatness


an insulating layer of fat under the skin of whales and other large marine mammals; used as a source of oil

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Example Sentences for blubber

  • 1

    The bowhead whale has been hunted for blubber, meat, oil, bones, and baleen.

  • 2

    Today the meat and blubber is often kept in the freezer.

  • 3

    Beneath the skin lies a layer of fat called blubber.

  • 4

    Today, both meat and blubber are often stored in the freezer.

  • 5

    Leftover blubber was used as fuel for the fires.

  • 6

    A smooth layer of blubber lies underneath the skin.

  • 7

    It was primarily hunted for its blubber, oil, and baleen.

  • 8

    Ebb is the blubber brain that flows the lead Flow.

  • 9

    Men sliced the blubber from the lean with the assistance of a winch.

  • 10

    He is wandering the streets of Indiana, blubbering, incoherent, a ruined man.