To bloated is to become bloated or to have a lot of gas. When you eat a lot of food, it can cause you to become bloated.

  • She was bloated after eating a big dinner.

  • His stomach was bloated from the gas that he was releasing.

Definition of bloating


To cause to become distended.


(veterinary medicine) to get an overdistended rumen, talking of a ruminant.


To fill soft substance with gas, water, etc.; to cause to swell.


To become distended; to swell up.


To fill with vanity or conceit.


To preserve by slightly salting and lightly smoking.


A bloated condition; distention.

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Example Sentences for bloating

  • 1

    That will reduce the bloat in the article.

  • 2

    That template was a bloated dyspeptic mess.

  • 3

    This article is already bloated with esoterica.

  • 4

    It seems to nuke most of the Inkspace bloat.

  • 5

    Leave the bloated bodies to rot in the sun.

  • 6

    It would bloat the section at the expense of the rest of the article.

  • 7

    He became torpid, bloated and horrible to look at.

  • 8

    Adding prose to the list would simply bloat the article.

  • 9

    Now the next thing is the big bloat of fictional articles.

  • 10

    I removed the worst of the advertising bloat, but it is only a campsite.