A blip is a brief period of time that is not significant in terms of the overall course of something. It's usually only a few seconds long, and it can sometimes be hard to notice.

  • The blip in the graph was caused by a sudden change in the data.

  • The blip in the graph is due to the weather conditions.

Definition of blip


a radar echo displayed so as to show the position of a reflecting surface


pip, radar target


a sudden minor shock or meaningless interruption

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Example Sentences for blip

  • 1

    I apologize for the momentary page blip.

  • 2

    The US withdrawl of aid and embargo was a blip on the radar.

  • 3

    Nice attempt at covering the truth there blip blip.

  • 4

    But yes, it was a blip overall, although an unusual blip.

  • 5

    In and of itself, it is a blip on the radar.

  • 6

    For now this is a blip in the presidential campaign.

  • 7

    Historically speaking it is a blip on the radar.

  • 8

    Hopefully this is just a temporary blip.

  • 9

    Only a blip in the radar screen.

  • 10

    Barely a blip on the cultural radar.