To blankly stare at something is to look at it without any emotion or expression. You might blankly stare at a picture or a person for too long, without saying anything.

  • He stared blankly at the dog for a long time before he finally reacted.

  • She stared blankly at the empty seat across from her for a long time.

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Example Sentences for blankly

  • 1

    The paper is blank.

  • 2

    The obverse of the medal is blank.

  • 3

    A cut and scored foldable blank and the field box is formed from the blank.

  • 4

    A cut and scored foldable blank and the produce field box formed from the blank.

  • 5

    Also replaced the blank with the underscore.

  • 6

    Julius Blank is a semiconductor pioneer.

  • 7

    Notice the blank lines in the code.

  • 8

    Fill in the blank with the correct possessive.

  • 9

    The blanking of the critical reception is a disgrace.

  • 10

    The rest of the book is totally blank.