Bilingualism is the ability to speak two languages fluently. This means that the person can understand and communicate in both languages without any problems.

  • She is a bilingual speaker because she can understand and speak both Spanish and English.

  • The restaurant is a bilingual restaurant because they serve both Spanish and English food.

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    In 1864, he went from San Francisco to Los Angeles, ill with bilious fever.

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    He was seized with bilious fever.

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    If you're involved in this bilious process, stop.

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    Does it have to be that bilious green background

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    But in substance, I have to sympathize with this bilious fellow.

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    I think the Mark Latham quote is very bilious.

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    In the spring of 1843 Bishop Roberts contracted bilious fever.

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    In others, the amount can be bilious and short lasting, and must be expelled.

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    He died that year in Saint Petersburg, on July 22 from bilious attack.

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    Could we pick something that doesn't sound quite so much like bilious, please