When two people are betrothed, they have agreed to marry each other. This agreement is usually made in a ceremony, and it is usually very important to the couple.

  • Her betrothed died in a car accident.

  • He betrothed himself to her when they were kids.

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Example Sentences for betrothed

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    The betrothal was then made official.

  • 2

    First is Betrothal or blessing of the ring.

  • 3

    For reasons unknown, the betrothal was annulled.

  • 4

    The betrothal ceremony is called Mangni.

  • 5

    The parents betrothed their children to others'.

  • 6

    'Achaarakallyanam' is the betrothal marriage of Thandan community.

  • 7

    A doctor or a plumber is the one that you betroth.

  • 8

    The alliance was sealed with the betrothal of Anna to Artabasdos.

  • 9

    The emperor agrees and the betrothal is announced at a banquet.

  • 10

    The man betrothed his daughter with a doctor.