The benevolence of a person is their kindness and willingness to help other people. benevolence is usually shown through their actions, not their words.

  • The benevolence of the nurse was shown through her actions, not her words.

  • The benevolence of the president was shown through his actions, such as helping the poor.

Definition of benevolence


an act intending or showing kindness and good will




an inclination to do kind or charitable acts


disposition to do good

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Example Sentences for benevolence

  • 1

    Benevolence is the expression of kindness and altruism.

  • 2

    Mangalagauri is worshiped as the Goddess of benevolence.

  • 3

    Conviviality and benevolence are important principles.

  • 4

    Dabbler believes in a benevolent God.

  • 5

    Do not wish for the benevolence of others.

  • 6

    The man's dad was benevolent and paternal.

  • 7

    The object of education is the cultivation of benevolence.

  • 8

    The spirit of Josephinism was benevolent and paternal.

  • 9

    Benevolence is a faculty in the discredited theory of Phrenology.

  • 10

    She is the benevolent dictaor of the realm of Marr.