To be beholden is to be indebted to, or to have a strong obligation to. Someone who is beholden to a debt must pay it back no matter what.

  • The company is beholden to the government because they owe them money.

  • The company is beholden to the workers because they agreed to be paid in full.

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Example Sentences for beholden

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    He was beholden to the nobles.

  • 2

    Ostensibly beholden to Furyondy, in practice it was independent.

  • 3

    The fact is, none of us are beholden to the other.

  • 4

    I am not beholden to you, but to the authorities, right

  • 5

    The citta is ultimately not beholden to these laws of conditioned existence.

  • 6

    But I am strongly beholden to the rules and the rules are not that exclusive.

  • 7

    Long and short axes are beholden to compliance and applied physics.

  • 8

    I provide this information as POV and am not beholden to the association.

  • 9

    We are instead beholden to aiding collaboration and to other editors.

  • 10

    The results brought in Gonzalez and other new supervisors not beholden to Brown.