A beaker is a type of glass or ceramic container that is used to hold water, liquids, or other substances. Beakers are often used in science classes to experiment with different liquids.

    Definition of beaker


    a cup (usually without a handle)


    a flatbottomed jar made of glass or plastic; used for chemistry

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    Example Sentences for beaker

    • 1

      He filled the beaker and handed the Bishop the first drink.

    • 2

      Pour this beaker into a 300mL beaker.

    • 3

      Expansion of the glass beaker is negligible.

    • 4

      Shake and place in a beaker of cold water.

    • 5

      Please search for the iki on Beaker culture.

    • 6

      Measure the temperature of the solution in each beaker.

    • 7

      Likely this beaker was presented as a christening present.

    • 8

      It reminds me of CopyCat sitting in a beaker.

    • 9

      Beaker and Fred would be cute together.

    • 10

      A small amount of water is then poured into the beaker.