To bathe is to take a bath. Most people think of bathing as something that you do to clean yourself, but in some cultures, it is also a ceremonial practice.

  • The ceremonial bath was a very important part of the culture.

  • She usually bathes every day, even if she doesn't feel dirty.

Definition of bathes


cleanse the entire body


suffuse or envelope with something


swim for pleasure or recreation


the act of swimming for pleasure or recreation

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Example Sentences for bathes

  • 1

    The chemically enriched rinse water is added to the plating bath.

  • 2

    She upbraids him for showering his dog in the bath tub.

  • 3

    Finally, Bloom visits the baths to wash for the rest of the day.

  • 4

    How do you clean the bath with a piddling short shower hose

  • 5

    The eyebrow expert recommends tweezing your brows after a hot bath or shower.

  • 6

    Or you can wash them using the shampoo you use to bathe the dog.

  • 7

    A bath is an exercise in pleasure.

  • 8

    A bath is an exercise of stinginess.

  • 9

    He prohibited bathing in the river.

  • 10

    He had a bath in the tub.