Basements are the lower parts of a building, below the ground level. They are usually used for storage or for some other purpose that does not require exposure to the outside world.

  • The basement is always dark, because the windows are closed.

  • The basement is always cold, because the windows are open.

Definition of basements


the lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level; often used for storage




the ground floor facade or interior in Renaissance architecture

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Example Sentences for basements

  • 1

    Water storage for the complex is located in the basements of the towers.

  • 2

    The basement of the mast is still there.

  • 3

    The laundry room is in the basement.

  • 4

    The rat went into the basement.

  • 5

    The refrigerator was moved to the basement.

  • 6

    The restaurant is located in the basement.

  • 7

    The surplus products are in the basement.

  • 8

    In the basement of the lodge, there is a rental shop.

  • 9

    She goes to the basement to sulk.

  • 10

    She was beheaded in the basement of the church.