A barkeeper is someone who works in a bar. They are usually responsible for preparing and serving drinks, and they usually have a lot of responsibility.

  • The barkeeper was very angry when the patron didn't tip.

  • The barkeeper was very happy when the patron tipped well.

Definition of barkeeper


an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar


barkeep, barman, bartender, mixologist

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Example Sentences for barkeeper

  • 1

    His father was the barkeeper in a striptease bar.

  • 2

    Later she worked as waitress and barkeeper.

  • 3

    He is a barkeeper that owns the Cutlass in the city of Luskan.

  • 4

    In holidays I am a general labourer and barkeep.

  • 5

    As the barkeep in the Cutlass he served as a mentor and employer to ulfgar.

  • 6

    Meanwhile, the barkeeper planned to marry his granddaughter to Salkinsohn.

  • 7

    He played another conniving barkeep in The Gene Krupa Story.

  • 8

    He was a hotel keeper and a barkeeper, and was noted for his fiddle playing.

  • 9

    Nearby playing chess with the barkeep, Maloin has overheard the conversation.

  • 10

    Koyomi is an orphan, who was adopted as a baby by the Bar Kansas barkeep.