To backtrack is to go back the way that you came. When you backtrack, you are retracing your steps.

  • He backtracked to the store to buy the candy that he accidentally left there.

  • The detective backtracked to the scene of the crime to look for clues.

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Example Sentences for backtrack

  • 1

    This was most certainly not a backtrack.

  • 2

    Propane does not backtrack in this way.

  • 3

    Now, you're trying to backtrack.

  • 4

    Backtracking is possible in an iterative approach.

  • 5

    Backtracking is possible in an iterative approach..

  • 6

    I can probably backtrack these if necessary.

  • 7

    I just have to backtrack and find it.

  • 8

    I see no reason to backtrack on this issue.

  • 9

    Shouldn't be that difficult to backtrack the image either.

  • 10

    Maybe we need to backtrack a bit.