Atavism is the retention of features that are typically found in an evolutionary stage that is later in the human species' timeline. This can include features like the ability to walk on all fours, or the possession of teeth that are not typical for humans today.

  • Some people believe that atavism is a sign that the person is connected to the animal kingdom in some way.

  • Atavism is usually seen in animals that are close to the ground, like monkeys or apes.

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    It is possible that Beast's mutation is a result of genetic atavism.

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    The presence of these kind of vestigial structures is known as an atavism.

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    This is a spectacular case of atavism, and later convergent evolution.

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    Atavism Age was the first somewhat public beta phase.

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    The man did not know how to use the term 'atavism'.

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    The term 'partitions of poland' is an atavism from those times.

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    The term atavism is sometimes also applied in the discussion of culture.

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    Thus in 1990 or so, it had long been an atavism.

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    Isn't body hair or an extended tail an atavism, not a full mutation

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    Your allusion to atavism seems to distort my one person contribution.