When something is asymmetrical, it is not balanced. This can be a problem because it can be difficult to control or move the object.

  • The car had a lot of damage to the right side, which was an asymmetry.

  • The shirt was asymmetrical, because the left side was much longer than the right.

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    The opposite of symmetry is asymmetry.

  • 2

    He experiments with asymmetry and lengthiness.

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    The asterisks denote centers of asymmetry.

  • 4

    It focuses on the asymmetry of the situation, and in absence of gravitation.

  • 5

    The description of asymmetry of gains and losses is confusing.

  • 6

    As for the asymmetry of the bow grip, thanks for the link to the article.

  • 7

    That was the point of my question above about the asymmetry.

  • 8

    Although the triangle is nearly equilateral some asymmetry exists.

  • 9

    One of the five times mentions it in the context of breast asymmetry.

  • 10

    The Asymmetry Button expands across all the editors in the game.