The word aspirational is often used to describe things or people that are very desirable or impressive. When people talk about aspirational goals, they are usually referring to goals that are a little bit out of reach, but still possible to achieve.

  • The aspirational athlete is someone who is trying to achieve the impossible.

  • The aspirational lifestyle is one that is very luxurious and comfortable.

Definition of aspirational


A person with aspirations.


Being ambitious.


Desiring success.


Expressing a hope or intention but not creating a legally binding obligation.

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Example Sentences for aspirational

  • 1

    The change is out of monotony, the change because of aspirations and ambitions.

  • 2

    Aspire stands for the aspirations of the city and people of Nottingham.

  • 3

    The aspirant evenings are more molded according to the needs of the aspirant.

  • 4

    They aspire to be the same as the rest.

  • 5

    This is not the aspiration of the Palestinian people.

  • 6

    It can be sensed by the gnana aspirant.

  • 7

    People aspired to be honorable and genteel.

  • 8

    His heart was filled with aspiration.

  • 9

    Gavallan is an aspirant to the office of tai pan.

  • 10

    Ambitious and urbane, Leighton was an aspiring diplomat.