Arson is the act of setting fire to something. Arsonists often try to set fire to buildings or other places that are important, such as a school.

  • The arsonist set fire to the whole building, causing a lot of damage.

  • The arsonist set fire to the school, which is a very serious crime.

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Example Sentences for arsonist

  • 1

    Arsonists burned the abandoned structure.

  • 2

    The arsonists apologized publicly.

  • 3

    As with the 1957 fire, this was suspected to be the result of an arsonist.

  • 4

    It talks about the fire and the capture of the arsonist.

  • 5

    They ought to send the arsonists in to recover the bodies.

  • 6

    Ben pushes the boundaries to try and catch the arsonist.

  • 7

    Lester shows up at the station to represent the arsonist.

  • 8

    Let's not give the arsonist the pleasure of watching the fire.

  • 9

    Ryan was away for the weekend in Melbourne when the arsonist struck.

  • 10

    Takagi is revealed to be inside the warehouse the arsonist set fire to.