Arrogantly means with a sense of superiority. Someone who is arrogantly self-righteous is not humble enough to accept other people's opinions.

  • He acted arrogantly, thinking that he was better than everyone else.

  • She acted arrogantly, thinking that she was better than everyone else even though she didn't have any facts to back up her claims.

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Example Sentences for arrogantly

  • 1

    In the case of Smith, it is arrogance and vanity.

  • 2

    Call it supreme self confidence or artfully wrapped arrogance.

  • 3

    Are they wrong and the unbelievably arrogant

  • 4

    He is vainglorious and arrogant.

  • 5

    He is an arrogant blowhard.

  • 6

    He is extroverted and arrogant.

  • 7

    The arrogance of Man is foolish.

  • 8

    They should not have arrogated.

  • 9

    I resent his arrogance.

  • 10

    Is it some form of conceited arrogance