An archaeological dig is a search for artifacts or evidence from the past. It can be a very important part of research, and it can help us learn about the history of a place.

  • The archaeological dig is investigating the ruins of the old city.

  • The archaeological dig is investigating the site of an ancient battle.

Definition of archeological


related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology


archaeologic, archaeological, archeologic

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Example Sentences for archeological

  • 1

    The study of archeology started in 1893.

  • 2

    In philology it is the same as in archeology.

  • 3

    Archeology in the the developed world is almost saturated.

  • 4

    He's pretty active in the areas of Archeology and Christianity.

  • 5

    Evidence of their presence is in the form of archeology and oral traditions.

  • 6

    The archeology crew has no plans to raise the ship.

  • 7

    The palace is administered by the Government of Kerala archeology department.

  • 8

    All of the above is in good accordance with the findings of today's archeology.

  • 9

    Archeology and pagan mythology fully registered the worship of the Goddess.

  • 10

    Before the archeological data, the Viking theory was discarded by archeologist.