Aptitudes are the natural skills and abilities that someone has. These skills and abilities can be things like intelligence or athleticism.

  • She has high aptitudes for math, which is why she is so good at it.

  • He has high aptitudes for basketball, which is why he is so good at it.

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Example Sentences for aptitudes

  • 1

    The first stage is to take the standardized mental ability and aptitude test.

  • 2

    He's got the aptitude and the ability. He just can't see it for himself.

  • 3

    Admissions to the club are done on the basis of talent and aptitude.

  • 4

    Aptitude has been overrated as a factor in achievement.

  • 5

    He showed great aptitude in the teaching of mathematics.

  • 6

    But on top of it all was his love and aptitude for the game of cricket.

  • 7

    Here Alheit showed great aptitude in the teaching of mathematics.

  • 8

    The greater the user's aptitude in the Force, the more powerful the lightning.

  • 9

    I know the system, I have the aptitude, and I'm available.

  • 10

    She showed a little aptitude when she construct the building.