To approximate something is to try to figure out or approximate its size, shape, or other characteristics. When you're trying to approximate the size of something, you might use a ruler or a measuring tape.

  • She was trying to approximate the size of the painting with her hands.

  • He was trying to approximate the sound of the bell by listening to it.

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Example Sentences for approximating

  • 1

    The site of the wreck is approximately near the island.

  • 2

    Approximately of the land is irrigated.

  • 3

    That's the basis for the indefinite approximation.

  • 4

    The base of the pillar is approximately.

  • 5

    The result is simply the approximation.

  • 6

    Mesquite is the approximate center of the valley.

  • 7

    Of course the transcription is probably approximative.

  • 8

    Rather, the output of the code is the approximation.

  • 9

    The approximate center of the Solitario is located.

  • 10

    The approximate population of the area is 4093.