Appallingly means very badly. When you say something is appallingly wrong, you mean that it is very bad and not acceptable.

  • The dress was appallingly ugly.

  • The performance was appallingly bad.

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Example Sentences for appallingly

  • 1

    The results of it appalled me.

  • 2

    The results of it were appalling.

  • 3

    They will both appall and fascinate.

  • 4

    It's an appalling abuse of the remit of the Committee.

  • 5

    In general the level of scholarship is appalling.

  • 6

    In general, the level of scholarship is appalling.

  • 7

    However, the state of the articles is appalling.

  • 8

    The absurdity of the general public is appalling.

  • 9

    The duplicity of his standards is appalling.

  • 10

    All it proves is the appalling extent of illiteracy.