An apocalyptic event is a very bad thing. It can be anything from a natural disaster to a war. When people talk about an apocalyptic event, they are usually talking about a very bad thing that is going to happen.

  • There was an apocalyptic storm that swept across the country.

  • The war is apocalyptic because it's going to be very bad for the country.

Definition of apocalyptic


prophetic of devastation or ultimate doom


apocalyptical, revelatory


of or relating to an apocalypse

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Example Sentences for apocalyptic

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    In the Synoptics, Jesus relays an apocalyptic vision of the end of days.

  • 2

    Apocalyptic is possibly worth including in the list.

  • 3

    Apocalyptic rhetoric, however, was the order of the day.

  • 4

    It is usually considered to be part of the Apocalyptic literature.

  • 5

    The key feature is the rejection of apocalyptic eschatology.

  • 6

    Revelation is read according to the conventions of the apocalyptic genre.

  • 7

    A number of apocalyptic sects see portents of doom everywhere.

  • 8

    The book is considered one of the gems of Jewish apocalyptic literature.

  • 9

    The magazine has frequently suggested the nearness of apocalyptic events.

  • 10

    Therefore, the overall theme of the album is often pinned as apocalyptic.