annoyingly means very annoyingly. Sometimes when you say something is annoyingly, you mean that it's really irritating.

  • The sound of the cat scratching the door was annoyingly loud.

  • The music was annoyingly loud.

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Example Sentences for annoyingly

  • 1

    She was annoyed by the rap.

  • 2

    The blinking is really annoying.

  • 3

    The explanation was that it was to annoy the colonialists.

  • 4

    The plan was to annoy the enemy.

  • 5

    This annoyed the impatient king.

  • 6

    All of this is very displeasing and annoying.

  • 7

    Particularly annoying is the giveaway of the ending.

  • 8

    People are annoyed at her stonewalling.

  • 9

    Thanks for the help with the annoying troll.

  • 10

    He is very annoyed by the racket.