To annihilate something is to completely destroy it. If you annihilate a city, you completely destroy it.

  • The army annihilated the city in just a few hours.

  • The bomb completely annihilated the building.

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Example Sentences for annihilated

  • 1

    The civilianswere soon annihilated.

  • 2

    The fight was totally annihilated.

  • 3

    The people annihilated the citizens.

  • 4

    The royalists then proceed to annihilate the gauchos.

  • 5

    It figured in the tracking and final annihilation of the Bismarck.

  • 6

    He petitions against the annihilation of the lyrinx.

  • 7

    The annihilation of Jewry must be the necessary consequence.

  • 8

    This effort to annihilate the importance of the decision is vain.

  • 9

    By the end of the battle, the Japanese regiment was virtually annihilated.

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