To animate something is to make it move. When you animate a character or object, you make it move by adding movement (usually with a computer) to the original footage.

  • The animation was very bad, and it was hard to understand what was happening.

  • The animation was very good, and it was easy to understand what was happening.

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Example Sentences for animating

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    An animal fumigating unit is provided for defleaing animals.

  • 2

    Lions are considered as prima animal of the animal kingdom.

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    In addition, the animators did as little animating as possible.

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    Begetting is an animal act belonging to the animal function of sex.

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    The animal has the most potent venom in the animal kingdom.

  • 6

    As the animal moves forward the wire snare tightens, choking the animal.

  • 7

    Biped builds and animates skeletal armatures, ready for character animation.

  • 8

    But I don't think we should animate for the sake of animating.

  • 9

    GameZone noted the animation of Ratchet, praising the details in his animation.

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    Are animism and polytheism the same