When someone is angrier, they are more angry than usual. They might be angry at the world, or they might be angry at a specific person.

  • He was angrier than usual after his argument with his girlfriend.

  • She was angrier than usual after her argument with her boss.

Definition of angrier


Displaying or feeling anger.


(said about a wound or a rash) Inflamed and painful.


(said about the elements, like the sky or the sea) Dark and stormy, menacing.

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Example Sentences for angrier

  • 1

    I was angry at the malicious tone and the personal unpleasantness.

  • 2

    The angry tone is remarkable to the point of being slanderous.

  • 3

    Don't dishearten your child from feeling upset, angry, or irritated.

  • 4

    The mayor was angry and outraged.

  • 5

    Why is she angry

  • 6

    Do not be angry or execrate anyone.

  • 7

    Don't be angry, that's an avowal of weakness.

  • 8

    Grandiloquent made the teacher angry.

  • 9

    The angry citizens ripped the tents.

  • 10

    The angry peasants burned the castle.