When someone is angry, they are feeling very unhappy and angry. They might be feeling intense anger, or they might be feeling a lot of frustration.

  • The angry mob was protesting the government.

  • The angry customer was yelling at the salesperson.

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Example Sentences for angered

  • 1

    Angry is the adjective derived from the emotion of Anger.

  • 2

    The feeling of anger overtook the sense of appreciation.

  • 3

    As with any emotion, the display of anger can be feigned or exaggerated.

  • 4

    After the conversation, feeling of anger has emerged.

  • 5

    In India, the massacre evoked feelings of deep anguish and anger.

  • 6

    The crowd stride with anger.

  • 7

    The king is then perplexed and angered.

  • 8

    The prosecutors seethed with anger.

  • 9

    The woman quivered in anger.

  • 10

    I understand the anger and the pain.