To anesthetize is to put someone to sleep using anesthesia. Anesthesia is a type of medicine that makes people unconscious.

  • The anesthetist gave the patient an anesthetic to make them unconscious.

  • The anesthetist was going to anesthetize the patient before the surgery.

Definition of anesthetize


administer an anesthetic drug to


anaesthetise, anaesthetize, anesthetise, put out, put under

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Example Sentences for anesthetize

  • 1

    He was anesthetized by the pill.

  • 2

    The doctor anesthetized the patient.

  • 3

    The man anesthetized the patient.

  • 4

    A local anesthetic is injected into the skin.

  • 5

    They did not want to get to be anesthetized.

  • 6

    Amylocaine was the first synthetic local anesthetic.

  • 7

    The doctor did not know how to anesthetize.

  • 8

    To remove personal anecdates is to anesthetize history.

  • 9

    Call the vet to anesthetize them and get it done.

  • 10

    In addition, the clinic has specialists for anesthetic and radiology.