An anecdote is a short story that is about a personal experience. These stories are usually written from the point of view of the person who experienced the event, and they are often amusing.

  • My friend told me an anecdote about when he was in college.

  • The teacher told us an anecdote about when he was a student.

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Example Sentences for anecdotally

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    Frosty turned the story into a humorous anecdote on the air.

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    The definition must entertain why the main story is erroneous not the anecdote.

  • 3

    The anecdotes were dull.

  • 4

    Most of the evidence is observational and anecdotal.

  • 5

    Much of the available material is anecdotal.

  • 6

    The anecdotes in the article seem fabricated.

  • 7

    The first bit of trivia is anecdotal.

  • 8

    What was the reference for the Berlin anecdote

  • 9

    An anecdote will illustrate his unbending resolution.

  • 10

    Still, anecdotal evidence was the cause of the suspicion.