An amputee is someone who has had one or more of their limbs amputated. This can be due to disease, accident, or war.

  • He is a veteran amputee, which is why he has a prosthetic leg.

  • She is a veteran amputee, which is why she has a prosthetic arm.

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    Not everybody on this list is an amputee.

  • 2

    Each drone was operated by a multiple amputee.

  • 3

    He was a total double leg amputee.

  • 4

    Amputee or not, the guy started shooting first.

  • 5

    He's well loved by the amputee community in the city.

  • 6

    That he became an amputee was central to the resolution to the plot.

  • 7

    Apotemnophilia is the erotic interest in being or looking like an amputee.

  • 8

    The amputee must have satisfactory cardiovascular and pulmonary health.

  • 9

    The prosthesis has a contoured support for receiving the stump of the amputee.

  • 10

    Du Toit is also the first female amputee to compete in an able bodied Olympics.