To amplify something is to make it louder or more visible. When you amplify a sound, you make it more clear and detectable.

  • The loudspeakers amplify the sound of the music.

  • The light amplifies the colors in the room.

Definition of amplifies


exaggerate or make bigger


blow up, expand, inflate


increase in size, volume or significance




to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth


exaggerate, hyperbolise, hyperbolize, magnify, overdraw, overstate


increase the volume of

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Example Sentences for amplifies

  • 1

    Then the pilot amplified the mistake.

  • 2

    At the heart of the amplifier was a crystal of silicon.

  • 3

    A limiter is connected to the input of the amplifier.

  • 4

    The remainder of the paragraph amplifies this impression.

  • 5

    The sound of the rubbing was being amplified.

  • 6

    The terrain amplified the importance of the site.

  • 7

    They greatly amplify the strength of the signal.

  • 8

    All of this is amplified by the anonymous nature of the Internet.

  • 9

    All samples were amplified in triplicate.

  • 10

    In this way, the voltage of the weak signal is amplified.