Alms is a word that is sometimes used to describe money that is given to poor people or to the church. Alms can also refer to food or other supplies that are given to people in need.

  • The church gives alms to the poor every week.

  • The government gives alms to the poor to help them rebuild after the storm.

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Example Sentences for alms

  • 1

    It also distributed alms to the poor.

  • 2

    She provided alms for the crippled.

  • 3

    He was given the job of collecting alms.

  • 4

    The almoner is responsible for distributing alms to the poor.

  • 5

    Nearby are alms houses and the Church of Saint Saviour.

  • 6

    He measured out his niggard alms.

  • 7

    This was the beginning of the tradition of religious charity and alms giving.

  • 8

    The archbishop personally toured, asking for alms to support the construction.

  • 9

    Their generosity and alms were to provide for the material needs of the perfect.

  • 10

    Its assets were transferred to the general alms fund of the city.