An allegorical story is one that is written in a symbolic or figurative way. When you read an allegorical story, you are not actually supposed to understand the meaning of the story.

  • The story is allegorical, which means that the characters are not actually real.

  • The story is about a journey, and the characters are allegorical representations of different parts of the journey.

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Example Sentences for allegorical

  • 1

    Or that it's allegorical, and not polemic.

  • 2

    But it's representation is allegoric.

  • 3

    And as such, is an allegorical myth.

  • 4

    Narrative and allegorical works.

  • 5

    It is no longer allegorical but realistic.

  • 6

    The theory of the allegorical Sagas.

  • 7

    There is the literal, the allegorical, the anagogical, and the... the...

  • 8

    He viewed the devil as allegorical.

  • 9

    Not that the whole was necessarily allegorical or untrue.

  • 10

    It is in fact an allegorical journey of the heart.