An ailment is a disease or a health problem. Some common ailments are colds, flu, and the common cold.

  • The child has a cold, and is feeling sick.

  • The flu is a serious illness that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Definition of ailment


an often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining


complaint, ill

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Example Sentences for ailment

  • 1

    The claim is that this will cure the ailment.

  • 2

    Isn't the cure worse than the ailment

  • 3

    The cure could be worse than the ailment.

  • 4

    The remedy would be worse than the ailment.

  • 5

    He wanted to treat his heart ailment.

  • 6

    He died in 1964 as the result of a painful ailment.

  • 7

    Zero stroke is the name of the latest German ailment.

  • 8

    In 1948, he declined to run for reelection because of the ailment.

  • 9

    Sometimes the call was in response to a complaint of an ailment of some kind.

  • 10

    Dow was the first of the Ingalls siblings to succumb to the ailment in 1941.